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Asheville’s Beer Community

abalogonewOne of the many things I love about Asheville is the sense of true community. People support local food, local businesses and local beer like no other city I have ever lived in or visited. Now, among the many great things Asheville has to offer, it isn’t named Beer City, USA for nothing. Upon our arrival to Asheville and as the word spreads about Burial Beer Co., we continue to meet enthusiastic, encouraging and genuinely supportive people in the beer industry and the community as a whole.

Each new brewery that opens in the city is viewed as a welcomed addition to a growing industry. There are many resources out there for breweries in Asheville including the Asheville Brewers Alliance and the North Carolina Brewers Guild. The Asheville Brewers Alliance (ABA) has 17 (soon to be 18) members and runs Asheville Beer Week. Last year at the culminating event, the Beer City Festival, not only did all the Asheville breweries pour, but so did legendary breweries from NC like Duck Rabbit Brewery and Mother Earth Brewing Co. as well as many others from all over the country were there to showcase their brews.

North Carolina is home to more than 50 breweries and brew pubs, the most in the South Eastern area of the country. The North Carolina Brewers Guild helps connect all of those breweries and brew pubs to vendors as well as beer drinkers. The guild not only provides the local beer industry with resources and event marketing, but its few employees are hard at work advocating for brewery and brew pub owners and employees.

Everyday, I feel fortunate to have chosen Asheville as the place to start our brewery. We plan to support other breweries with the same passion that we have for Burial Beer Co. The local beer community is vibrant and ever growing and that isn’t because of one single brewery but because of the creativity and individuality each brewery offers.