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Feedback – Its Why We Started Small

photo 2 copy 2Burial Beer Co.- the smallest brewery in Asheville. People might wonder why we are open 18 hours a week. Why our beers are slightly different every time. People might ask themselves, who are these people behind the bar and where the hell is the brew system????

Let me start from the beginning.

Tim, Doug and I (Jess/Jessica) are the three owners of Burial Beer Co. and that is it (for now). We dream big but started small. Our grand vision is a full production farmhouse brewery where we will can, distribute and brew a hell of a lot more beer than what we are doing right now. Doug and I (we are married) plan to live on the land where the production brewery is and will also build a taproom for people to visit and roam the property–with a beer in hand, of course.

A dream this big takes time. We are currently still in search of property and once we find that piece of land right outside of the city of Asheville, then the ball will get rolling. We didn’t want to wait. We wanted to brew beer for people to drink. We wanted to share our passion.

So without the financial help of, well, anyone really, we built Burial Beer Co. as you all know it now. Although it has been a lot of work brewing the beer, running and working the taproom as well as  managing all of the behind the scenes administrative stuff, it is so worth it. Like 1 million times over.

When the three of us get all sentimental, we are in awe of the realization of our passion and dream. Being owner ran has been the best experience I could have hoped for. We have met so many people from working the taproom and have been able to be the face of our own business day in and day out. We also get direct feedback. Did you prefer our Pitchfork Saison when it was a bit higher in ABV and “hotter” or did you prefer it to be more sessionable and crisp?

Our inconsistency is not a mistake. It is due to our ability to take this stage as a learning process. Try new hops, new malts, anything, you name it. We keep notes and we are perfecting our recipes as well as learning from those who drink our beer, which beers they like best. Our super small batch “experiments” such as our Counter Culture Coffee Saison Series, our Gastronomy Porter Series or our Pollination Saison Series have given us great insight into the brewing process (mainly with the use of different adjuncts) as well as ideas for beers in the future.

So, please, feedback. Bring it on. Anytime. Email me at jess AT burialbeer DOT com.