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The Musings of a Head Brewer

2012.12.1.Photos for Website5What’s brewing at Burial Beer Co.? Certainly much more than beer

One of the most fascinating things I’ve been able to see in my time with the kettle is the wild variance that can be found in brewing on different scales. As a homebrewer I’ve brewed 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 10 gallon batches. As a professional brewer, I’ve brewed 7 bbl and 15 bbl batches. Now, with Burial pilot batches, it’s 1 bbl and it’s truly a beautiful coalescence of homebrewing and production brewing. I feel as though I’m simultaneously combining all of my previous experience and doing something completely foreign and new. I love the challenge. Most of all, I love drinking the finished product. Scratch that, I love sharing the finished product. This is my craft. This is my heart and soul in a glass.

Of course, with that said, if the beer is “no bueno”, the heart and soul look pretty wretched now don’t they? Herein lies the point of this though…the very definition of “pilot”.  Yes, I’ve brewed countless batches, read countless books and articles and discussed more on the subject than I care to compute. I have also brewed these very recipes several times before, but there are many factors at play now. This is North Carolina (not Seattle)-different materials, water,  atmosphere and system. We are scaling up recipes and figuring out so many finite details of our current set up. It’s mad science!

I’m happy to say that we’re batting a very high percentage right now. Pilot batch P0001 and P0002 are tasting great! We are starting small on purpose, so that we get it right and so that we know what Asheville wants and likes. We want feedback. But of course, we are our own critics as well. We know beer pretty well dudes. We’ve been at this for a while. I can promise you that we will not offer you something that doesn’t pass our internal critique first. But we are just three and you are many.

Next up we are brewing an Imperial Coffee Stout. This tasty beer is brewed with a butt ton of grain and a frightening specialty grain bill (which includes oats) as well as lactose and of course, local coffee.

In the craft world, imperial stouts are beer geek fodder. When I worked for Sound Brewery just outside of Seattle, Washington, we made a few beers that I always thought were so beautifully delicious and unique that they should be saved for special release. Instead, these beers were made regularly. Moral of the story–although the “community based ratings” were not nearly as high as they should be (read: not rare), the overall view of Sound Brewery was always met with gushing fandom. We’re taking a page out of their book. We think it’s cool.

Look forward to more insight into the beers that make Burial Beer Co. unique here at www.burialbeer.com.


Tim Gormley
Head Brewer
Burial Beer Co.